What properties do you rent?

We only handle properties in the Ft. Morgan area on both sides of the road (gulf & bay). The Dunes community consists of the Indies condos, the Dunes condos and the Dunes houses. Navy Cove condos are the only condos located on the bay side of the highway, and each unit comes with its own boat slip! Ah, perfect location for those who want to bring their boat!

What makes the Dunes & Navy Cove so special?

Besides the fact we have the most spectacular view in the entire world, we also offer the seclusion and serenity that other condos cannot match! So many people are tired of the hustle and congestion which has taken over Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. We are the ONLY condos on the tip of the island so our guests enjoy the amazing panoramic views. They watch the ships sail toward the lighthouse which guides them from the Gulf into the port.

Exactly where are you located?

In Paradise, which is at the end of Fort Morgan Road. We are approximately 25 minutes from the heart of Gulf Shores. We are approximately 6-8 minutes past the Beach Club and The Plantation. We have a short video that shows the location of our office: How to get to the Sunset Properties office.

How far are you from the beach?

Just the right distance.  The Dunes condos are set back off the water about 300 yards due to the beach mouse habitat. This setback creates a view of the Gulf & the island that is unparallel to any other area. Navy Cove Condos are directly on the bay. Most Navy Cove condos even have a view of the Gulf.

How do you get to the beach?

For the Dunes community, just stroll down our sidewalk and you will come to a boardwalk that will take you right over the sand dunes to the beach. For Navy Cove or homes located on the bay side of the hwy, there is beach access across the street.

How are the units different?

No two units are the same. All of our properties are individually owned, therefore, it is up to the owner how they want to decorate and equip their unit.

What is there to do in Ft. Morgan?

Relax. Relax. Relax! Due to our location, guests can walk 2 miles down the island to the tip where the Gulf of Mexico and Mobile Bay converge. This is also one of the best biking areas. People love to ride their bikes and explore the historic Fort Morgan. We are also located at the dock of the Dauphin Island Ferry. Hop on the ferry with your bike and sail across to Dauphin Island. You can tour the area and Fort Gains. Since we are just a short walk from Fort Morgan, in the cooler months people spend a few hours hiking and exploring this Fort. Across the street from the Dunes is the marina, so for fisherman who want to charter a trip, you could not stay in a more ideal location. Navy Cove is located ON the harbor. Each unit has its own boat slip and pier. This is the perfect location for fisherman who bring their own boat. You are just 2 miles from entering the Gulf! Our favorite thing by far to do here is watch the sunset over the tip of the island. Now that is heaven!

Where is the closest restaurant?

Right across the street from the Dunes is Tacky Jacks. Now that is close! There is even a kickin’ beach bar. There is also a Mexican restaurant 4 miles down the road called Tequila Bay excellent food and margaritas! Beside the restaurant is also our local pizza delivery. It’s the best pizza on the island!

Where is the nearest store?

Again, right across the street from the Dunes. If youre looking for items such as milk, bread, or eggs.  The marina convenience store is the place to find them. If you’re searching for specialty meats or a selection of gourmet wine, there is another store about 8 miles down the road. The Plaza West Store also has a variety of tropical concoction makings for your adult drink craving. However, we do recommend stopping at Brunos or Wal-Mart on your way in to stock up on the major items on your shopping list.

In some of your virtual tours, I see houses between the Dunes condo and the beach. Will this affect our view?

These are homes located in the Dunes subdivision. They are also for rent so if you are interested, feel free to give us a call. The Dunes and Indies Condos are located on the top of a dune which gives them excellent views over the subdivision. This is actually the highest elevation point on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Some of the units on the first through third floors may have a partially obstructed view. If you have any questions about a particular condos view, please don’t hesitate to ask the office.

We are thinking about getting married on the beach. Is your beach wedding friendly?

Of course! We have had the honor of hosting several weddings every year. You cant find a more romantic spot to get married than on the tip of the island.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes, but we do have a limited number of pet friendly condos and houses. Refer to our website for a complete list of our pet friendly properties. There is a $120 non-refundable fee per pet. Cats are not allowed because of the U.S. Government protected beach mouse!

What do I need to bring?

To make your stay more comfortable we suggest the following:  beach towels, aluminum foil, laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, liquid detergent, paper towels, shampoo, and extra toilet paper and trash bags. Also, if you are planning on using a sleeper sofa, it might be better to bring an inflatable mattress to lie on top of the sleeper to make it more comfortable. We highly suggest that if you do not want to do laundry during your stay to bring extra towels and wash cloths.  If your unit has bunk beds, you will find the bedding in a plastic bag behind the pillow or in the closet of the bedroom. The cleaning staff does not make up bunk beds.

Can I access the internet in my condo?

All Dunes & Indies condos have wireless internet. Navy Cove is in the process of adding internet. You will need a username and password to login at the Dunes community, which the Sunset Properties office can provide for you. Please remember that you are on an island and internet service will be spotty.

Can I grill on the balcony?

No. Grilling on decks, porches, balconies and underneath houses is prohibited. Grills are provided in the common areas which you are welcome to use.

What are check-in/check-out times and procedures?

Check-in time is between 3 and 5 p.m. If you plan on arriving after 5 p.m., call the office to make arrangements. Check-out time is 10 a.m. You can return the keys to the office or place them in the black drop box at the bottom of the office steps if you wish to check out before the office opens. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THEM IN YOUR ROOM.

Before you leave, we ask that you please:

  1. Clean your dishes and return them to their proper place,
  2. Leave beds unmade and place your soiled towels and linens in the hallway inside your condo, and
  3. Dispose of all trash. Guys will like this! Its the easiest trash to dispose of EVER there is a trash chute on each floor!

What are your office hours?

Normal business hours are from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Saturdays and Sundays vary. If you need to get a hold of us after hours, there is a list of emergency numbers to the left of the Sunset Properties office door.

Will my unit be cleaned during my stay?

No. All of our units are cleaned after you depart. This is why we suggest bringing extra towels and linens if you expect needing more during your stay. There is a washer and dryer in each unit.

Should I buy insurance?

We’d like to share a brief story with you about a family of Sunset Properties customers. This family booked their April vacation well in advance, and they had to spend a bit more than usual to travel during this popular time. They were reluctant to spend the extra money on travel protection, but decided they really should protect their investment. Sure enough, the week before the trip, their youngest brought home a sickness, and by vacation time, the entire family was sick. Just getting out of bed seemed impossible, so they surely couldn’t travel! Fortunately, they had purchased travel protection and were able to cancel last-minute and still receive a full reimbursement. They had a fantastic time in July on the vacation they booked with their reimbursement check. This is just one of the many stories we have from families who unexpectedly fell ill or had car trouble and could not travel. We highly suggest purchasing travel insurance to protect your investment!

Why is it better to rent through your company instead of directly from an owner?

VRBO is becoming one of the top vacation sites on the internet. However, Sunset Properties has something that VRBO doesn’t: Professional Vacation Rental Management, industry affiliations and a 10 year track record of happy returning renters. With our 24 Hour Online Booking, friendly reservationists who are ready and willing to help, and guaranteed service Sunset Properties is beating VRBO on all fronts. To show how much Sunset Properties wants your business, we are beating most legitimate deals offered from VRBO homeowners. But, what sets us apart from the homeowner rental is WE ARE ON-SITE, right here to help you, unlike an owner, who is often hundreds of miles away.

What is so special about Sunset Properties?

  1. We’re the FIRST stop off the Ferry
  2. Family owned and operated
  3. We are selective in the properties & owners we represent.
  4. Spectacular Gulf Front Homes to cozy Gulf View Condos
  5. Specializing in Sales & Rentals in The Fort Morgan community
  6. Best Prices on the Island
  7. Personalized Service
  8. Onsite management ( issues handled quickly)
  9. Specializing in family vacations, group gatherings & romantic get-aways.
  10. On-site check in.  Checking in shouldn’t be a detour to your vacation!