Things to do in Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan & Orange Beach

When you stay at Sunset Properties you will be close to all the best things to do in the Gulf Shores area. Whether you are staying in one of our vacation rentals in Fort Morgan, Orange Beach, or Gulf Shores you will find that there is never a shortage of attractions and activities to participate in. Besides the beautiful sandy beaches, the area of Gulf Shores also has some of the best fishing and boating opportunities. Enjoy a day out on the ocean charter fishing or on a dolphin cruise. Looking to plan a tee time while on vacation? Gulf Shores has plenty of beautiful golf courses that are close to our vacation rentals. There is also plenty of things to do in Gulf Shores for families to partake in. The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, Waterville USA, Adventure Island, and The Exploreum Science Center are all wonderful family-friendly Gulf Shores attractions. There is also plenty of shopping and restaurants, and grocery stores that are within walking distance of your vacation rental. There are also many things to do in Fort Morgan. Visit historic Fort Morgan and see where the saying “Damn the torpedo, full speed ahead” came from. You can also visit the historic mansion that was named after Revolutionary War hero, Daniel Morgan. Below are recommended links of our favorite things to do in Gulf Shores and Fort Morgan. If you have any questions or are looking for more things to do in Gulf Shores, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more things to do in Orange Beach, Fort Morgan and Gulf Shores download our Gulf Shores Vacation Guide.

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